12 December 2009

First Playtest

We had the first playtest. It was a little better than, "Mr. Watson. Come Here. I need you."

Peter's charater, Malitsio, a smuggler and his counterpart Mercutio played by were at the top of the Italian space elevator leaving on a mission for Mercutio's company, A Thurm and Traxis company called Janus. They took off in Mal's ship for somewhere in the asteroid belt. Their first stop was the Ottoman controlled moon which was crawling with patrols for some reason. They tried to sneak into the city but were hailed and boarded. Mal paid off the customs eunuch and they made their way to the city, which turned out was in revolt. Some of the little moon people had revolted and holed up in a mining town in a crater and we holding off the Ottomans. Mercutio met with the local Janus rep and was asked to take a crate the size of a washing machine out to the crater for the rebels. After trying to build a set of wings to glide the crate in while they are leaving, a plan which doesn't come to fruition, Mal finds out from some underworld connections that there is a land route into the crater and sends the guy in to tell the rebels that they are coming. They disguise the crate as a Palanquin and walk it in. as they enter the crater they find the body of the underworld guy that Mal sent in ahead of them. Mercutio decides to go in ahead of the others to find an old girlfriend who was in the mining town. He is set upon by a mob of the moon guys and scares them off in combat. they tell the Lunies that the package is there and high tail it out.

It seemed like fun and had the Travelleresque feel I was shooting for. I will explaine how we did it in the next post.

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  1. I ran into the moon patrol first and defeated them, and then I continued on into town to search for a human woman who could help me contact the Loonies.