11 December 2009

Wind Up Robots

One of the "in space" tropes I want to include is Automatons. The idea of wind-up people is a clockpunk staple. I have been looking into how daVinci looked at machines that did this kind of thing and think there is enough to allow it.

On the color side the first thing is that there would be public winding stations. Either working from water-wheels or Hero's engines. The second is that whoever started making wind-ups in the game world was looking around for a simple way to model the personalities and chose the roles from the Commedia del Arte.

There are a number of basic models;

Il Dottore - a doctor
Il Capitano - a soldier
Pantalone - a merchant
Arlecchino - an entertainer
Satiro - a sex worker
Pulcinella - a butler
Zagna - a maid
Zanni - A menial

Plus there was another type that was something else befor. A
Coviello is a freed automaton.

At this point I don't have any rules to cover how playing an automaton is different from playing anyting else but we will get there.

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